I wonder why the clouds are not moving faster - Lecture-performance, New York and Oslo, Det Åpne Teater 2007

“What does freedom mean to me? Well, if I had a place to stay stable, then I would really feel free! Then I could let hang out everything and be naked for once.”, states a homeless man at the Subway station 106th St in New York. The performance "I wonder why the Clouds are not moving faster" examines the subjective meaning of the term “freedom” to New Yorkers six years after 9/11. It is based on interviews conducted in the subway system of New York as well as on found objects, sound recordings and videos.

Concept, performance, realization: Veronika Bökelmann. Thanks to Mary Overlie, Kristin Norderval, Camilla Eeg and to all interviewees. A production of the Norwegian Theater Academy (NTA).