"Simple, disturbing, elegant. Best piece of the show." 

(Shawn Bailey about Desertification at New Forms Festival, Canada 2006)

FOTO: V. Bökelmann. Video/table installation, New Forms Festival, Canada 2006
In DES(S)ERTIFICATION four visitors are seated around the social space of a dinner table. Plates and glasses are filled with sand, sounds of grinding teeths is audible. Projections mix with physical objects in an disturbing interplay: projected hands move ghostlike over the table grasping the real objects. One’s sensual perception is irritated.

Concept & realization: Veronika Bökelmann. Performing for filming: Jasmin Wiesli, Séverine Urwyler, Nicola Minsen. With kind support by Fredrikstad Kommune & New Forms Festival.