30 DAYS (GREENLAND, GREECE, GERMANY, NORWAY, DANMARK, FRANCE 2009/10) - video installation

* Galerie Stadtgestalt c/o Serge von Arx, Berlin, December 2010.
 Video installation for 3-screens. Loop duration 6 hours; by Annesofie Norn, Veronika Bökelmann, Ole Kristensen.

30 DAYS explores the subjective perception of time, space and velocity. Over the frame of thirty days the three artists Annesofie Norn, Veronika Bökelmann and Ole Kristensen documented their experience of the rhythm of the places they visited with their travels in the summer 2009. With a same set of rules three distinctive video journeys lead through European metropoles, Greenland and the mediterranean sea, focussing on physical distances and means to overcome them. Twelve minutes of unedited filmations per day sum up to an monumental stream of images of 360 minutes.

 © Veronika Bökelmann