FACHADAS EN CRISIS - FACADES OF CRISIS (D/ NOR/ ARG, 2010,11,12) video/ space installation

Awarded as best work in the category Media in Space at 24th Stuttgarter Filmwinter:

"The installation captures a national crisis from the people´s point of view. It does not contain statistics or glossy and dynamic story-telling of the news, but gives space for people whose everyday life has suddenly erupted. The power of the artwork lies in its direct and modest approach, voicing out a political statement which has many dimensions and tones."

(Jury statement 24. Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Hanna Haaslahti (FIN), Johannes Auer (G), Mark Lee (CH))

GALERIE STADTGESTALT. Serge von Arx, Berlin. 2010.
Club Cultural Matienzo, Buenos Aires.. December 13th - 20th 2011, 
24. Stuttgarter Filmwinter. Festival for Expanded Media. International Competition/ Winner Jury Award Media in Space 2011  

As video-space installation Facades of Crisis explores the consistency and social relevance of architectural safety measurements in Buenos Aires that have boomed after the economic break down in 2001. The installation juxtaposes the rigid structure of metal bars with the personal experiences of ten inhabitants of the city. The descriptions of the interviewees from distinctive social backgrounds depict the effects of the crisis: They deal with trust and mistrust, precariousness and possibility, utopia and dream. The work creates a communal space for people, who due to increasing segregation are more and more isolated from each other. By doing that FACADES OF CRISIS reflects the fragile interrelation of individual and social life concepts and the deficits of our economic system.

Interviewed persons: Teresa Petrana Alaguibe (cleaning lady, has been living in an occupied house for many years), Marta Bodo (lawyer and notary), Walter Christian Citzenmaier (homeless, lives across the street of the government building), Lic. Eduardo Grimoldi (psychologist, specialist for anxiety and crisis), Claudia Rosenberg (sociologist, former flight attendant, actress since 2001), Nestor Piquero (architect and designer), María Graciela Ponce (kioskera), César Saldaña (locksmith, worked for Peugeot until 2001), José Saphir (constructor, inventor), Florencia Arbós (schoolgirl, born in 2001).

FACADES OF CRISIS: OUSIDE/IN. backprojection. Project draft for: Atopia (Oslo)